What is NextPage?
It's a Chrome Extension made to recreate spontaneous meeting with friends and colleagues online.
Для просмотра полного текста инструкции, пожалуйста, откройте страницу с компьютера.
Install Extension
Click the button below. You will be redirected to Chrome Store. Push Install button.
NextPage will appear in the Extensions' list. To pin it to the panel, click on the icon.
Follow the instructions
After installation, you'll see an onbording page. Click Start button to enjoy the full experience of using NextPage. Just try it — it's fun!
Log in to NextPage
Next step is registration. It's very easy — just click the button and sign in using your email or Facebook account.
* you can do it any time. Just click the ? button. It will appear on every webpage automatically.
Create a channel or join your friends' & colleagues'
In NextPage you can create a channel or join your friends'. People participating in one channel could share reactions and write messages to each other. You can wave someone, if he or she is on the same page as you are. And start a chat.
How to join a channel
Ask a colleague / friend to send you invitation link. Or you can just open the link he or she sent to you previously.

You will be taken to the page, where you should push Join button. That's it!
How to create a channel
1. Open extension. To do it just click on the icon.

2. Open Channels folder. Name it and click Save.

3. Copy the referral link.

3. Share it with a group of friends or colleagues.
Or send to someone personally.
Finally! Now you can use NextPage.
And we'll tell you why it is so cool.
The most interesting part!
3 cool features NextPage
Leave reactions
Hover the heart button and leave your reaction to a content. Subscribers of your channels will se it, when they'll visit the same pages you've been to.
Start a chat when someone is nearby
If your friend's photo became bigger and two buttons appeared — it means that he or she is on the same site. Now you can start a chat
Wave to people nearby
You can wave to your friends and colleagues. Show them that you are ready to chat! :)
*click on the photo or message to open the wider chat window
Let's be serious
Privacy questions
So, it means my friends and coworkers will see every website I've been to?
No. Other users will see that you've been to a website ONLY if you left your reaction there. We do not store any information about visited pages.
Do you store the history of chats?
Nope. The chat will dissapear completely 5 minutes after the moment you close the page.
Is it possible to stop extension?
Sure. Open the full version (click on the NextPage icon) and push Pause button. That's it.
Extension is distractive. How to move it on the page.
On the top of the reaction button you'll see gray dots. Just drag them and move the extension up and down.